Reasons Why Modern Companies Use IP Telephony

12 Oct

IP telephony can be defined as technology that utilizes internet protocol's connections to exchange various types of information. The internet protocols used in IP telephony are usually packet switched. The kind of information exchanged by these connections include voice messages, videos, and fax. Traditionally, circuit switched connections were used to transmit these types of information. The traditional circuit-switched methods, however, could not transmit information in video forms or short messages services. The IP telephony system, therefore, aims at delivering packets of voice messages, fax, and videos to the user in a clear form. With the world has changed into a global village, there are so many advantages of using IP telephony yeastar s20 pbx system both at home and at work. Some of these benefits have been listed below.

Mobility and flexibility are some of the privileges that come with using IP telephony systems. Initially, circuit switched systems could only allow voice calls in booths, offices or at home, while fax could only be received in offices or at home. People seldom communicated while traveling. The IP telephony systems have changed things for the better since people can communicate from whichever part of the world given that they have internet data bundles.  This makes it possible for people to have offices in remote areas. Learn more about the
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It is possible to transmit multimedia information with IP telephony, hence adding to their benefits. Multimedia information usually has more than one type of information being transmitted at the same time. The only type of information that was transmitted traditionally was a voice to voice calls and fax. The IP telephony system is an improvement since it can transmit conference calls, video calls, and multimedia demonstrations. As a result, companies are able to work efficiently since they can hold online meetings while in remote locations, hence saving time and achieving their goals without delays. With the IP telephony systems, company presentations have become more interesting and clearer since they use multimedia demonstrations.

Companies save a lot of money by integrating the IP telephony systems since they are cheaper compared to the initially used ones. Unlike the traditional systems which have to be manually installed, the IP telephony systems are installed through network engineers or for those who do not want the responsibility of managing it, they can share with a trusted business partner. By using the IP telephony systems, one eliminated the cost of buying the hardware systems. The cost of internet data bundles is also very manageable.

Additionally, using IP telephony minimizes the cost of traveling to attend meetings since people can hold meeting online, they can video call or even share information via emails.

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